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Energetic Response Testing (ERT) is a simple non-diagnostic method of evaluation utilizing the body's electromagnetic feedback systems. 

The body is made of atoms and atoms are electrical. It is generally believed that electromagnetic energy holds atoms together. Science has yet to understand everything about electromagnetic energy, but science has made use of it by developing tools and tests that utilize its effect. The EKG has been a great tool for measuring the electrical response of the heart. The polygraph records changes that take place from telling a lie. Our bodies are 65% to 70% water with electrolytes that conduct electricity. Science has verified the discovery of meridians, which are a flow of electrical energy through our bodies that follow certain pathways. When God created man to live on the earth, He created him to be electromagnetic and to be affected by electromagnetic fields and atomic vibrations around him. The earth has a north and south magnetic pole and we, being part of God's total creation, are connected to the earth. Our bodies are like a battery with a positive and negative charge and like a magnet with a north and a south pole.​​

  • Our sophisticated nervous system is basically a "bio-computer" that is separated into two control systems: voluntary or conscious and autonomic or unconscious.  

  • The body is a very electrical being composed of the brain, sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, and meridian system.  

  • The body as a whole is interconnected and coordinated by these electromagnetic systems that affect organs, muscle, tissue, and the body's God-designed innate ability to heal. 

  • Response Testing is simply the procedure of applying a consistent physical challenge to a muscle and then observing the response of the muscle to be either weak or strong in the presence of a defined stimulus, such as a nutritional item or allergen.  ​​


Simply put, the principles that govern magnetism, energy fields, and electrical circuits are principles that make this work for the body. Conversely, when magnetic fields and electrical currents are disrupted, blocked, or short-circuited within the body, it fails to properly operate electromagnetically. We are like an emotional computer that is continually being challenged by stress, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, pathogens, and structural misalignments.  

1. When there is too much energy in the circuit, the circuit breaker will flip, thus the muscle will go weak.

Example: The individual has a toxic liver that is weak; therefore the body is adding extra energy to the liver because it needs support. When you touch the subject's liver, you are adding your energy to a circuit that already has extra energy, and the muscle acting as a circuit breaker flips or in this case is weakened.
2. When a meridian is weak, the meridian or acupuncture points along that meridian will also test weak. A weak lung will correspond with a weak lung meridian.
3. The skin is dense with nerve fibers that relate to or are stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system. When an organ or area is weak, the energy is reflected into the surrounding skin's sympathetic nervous tissue.  When the skin over that organ is touched or rubbed, it will cause a bio-electric response change.

4. When a stimulus causes an adverse reaction, it weakens the whole individual including their systems, organs, and electromagnetic systems. Example: Ant poison is not good for anyone and it will produce a weak response.
5. Telling a lie will change and weaken a person's electromagnetic energy. Like a polygraph used for lie detection, the body responds electrically to what goes against known truth or our conscience. This is one reason why negative thinking, worry, and mental stress weaken our health; those things weaken us electromagnetically. When doing response testing, it is important for you and the subject to stay focused on what you are doing while not thinking out results feared or desired. 

6. Homeopathically speaking, if a tissue is stressed, placing either the problem or the solution on the body will produce a strong response.
7. Responses can be transmitted or relayed to others through a connection. This is known as an extension or surrogate testing.
8. Once a person has been influenced or stressed by a stimulus factor, a response can be assessed by muscle response testing.

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