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This Psalm 91 NIV Protection Word digital print is perfect to display in your bedroom or office. 

Protection words carry intention. Think of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water molecules which actually proved that our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and intentions could physically change the molecular structure of water. Psalm 91 is universal protection but there are other words phrases or meanings that will cover you, such as Abba, Yeshua, Armor of God, and more.

You can also pray the scripture. From Daniel Duval's book Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth: 
"Psalm 91 is a powerful prayer declaring the Lord’s ability to protect those who belong to him. As we engage this prayer as a promise of God, we can reap the benefits as they are activated into action by our faith. I include this prayer as part of the prayers I will pray over myself and my household in the morning. I will also speak this over myself before entering any spiritually compromised environment. It is an essential part of good spiritual hygiene, and a prayer I recommend speaking over yourself and your family often!"

>> One 5"x7" High-Resolution JPG File.

Please message us after purchase if you are in need of a different size or need them in landscape orientation. We are happy to convert FREE of charge so the print fits your specific frame!

Please message us if you are interested in a different size and we would be happy to convert, free of charge! 


Once you've purchased this listing you will be redirected to the downloads section. Just save the file and you are ready to print! You have multiple options for printing your new print:
>> From your home or office printer. When printing from home, in your print settings it is best to choose "Actual Size" in your under Paper Size & Handling in your Print settings. You may have to do a little trial and error printing depending on your printer and its settings. The goal is to have the dashed lines to show on all four sides of the art so you know where to cut.
>> Take the file to your local library, Kinko's, Staples, or Office Depot
>> Upload the file to an online printer ( or


Please do not resell or redistribute this PDF. It is for personal use only and can be printed multiple times for a single user. Colors may shift from screen to print, depending on your individual printer and monitor. Since this listing is delivered via instant download, no refund can be issued. If you have issues with your printable please message us so we can help out!

All photos, designs, content and writing in this listing are the property of MeaganAverySellersCo © 2024. Plagiarism is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

Psalm 91 Protection Word Digital Print

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